Our Philosophy

Building companies is hard, but building exceptional companies is even harder. We streamline the process from square one by leveraging proprietary acquisition and distribution channels that help us optimize the path to product-market fit. With our platform-based company-building approach, each win unlocks the next through unique learnings, reallocation of capital, and increased expertise amongst our team. All in all, we've created a process that maximizes our potential for success with each new build.

Our Model

Our business is two-pronged: on one side, we invest, and on the other, we build.

Our Values

We firmly believe that a company’s core values are the foundation and heart of its business. At Innovation Department, we champion taking ownership, staying transparent, having grit, being adaptable, actively collaborating, and letting results do the talking.

Word on the Street

Okay, not the street. But, you know, the interweb.