A Better Approach

Growth strategies of old are losing steam, and companies’ early-stage priorities are shifting. So, we’re changing things up, too.

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Tech-enabled platform

We’ve revolutionized the company-building process by creating a platform to optimize capital efficiency and growth velocity as we launch new brands.

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Proprietary insights and expertise

We combine our experience with data-driven insights, owned channels, and our evolving knowledge base to increase the probability of success.

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Structure for repeatable success

By codifying our path to success as we go, we ensure that each new idea or launch is informed and optimized by the learnings of the last.

Our Foundational Engine

Building the next big DTC brands is risky, but we’ve streamlined the process by leveraging our competitive advantages: a proprietary growth acquisition engine, owned media assets, diversified distribution channel expertise, and maximum capital efficiencies. All in all, we’ve managed to make the overwhelming feat of building a great brand from nothing feel, well, not-so-whelming.

Foundational EngineFoundational Engine

How We Build

Our unique model gives us a proven formula for optimizing the path to success while spurring a flywheel effect that allows for repeatability.

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At the onset of any brand build, we start by assessing the market landscape and aligning opportunities with our unique strengths. From there, we conduct thorough competitive analyses, brainstorm product ideas, and evaluate ideas based on our internal business scorecard. This allows us to prioritize and select the ideas worth pursuing.

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Once we’ve selected an idea to move forward with, we begin development. This is where we work on identifying our key objectives, shaping the brand identity, and mapping out our product journey. As we plan the build of a new brand, we leverage our internal resources in order to expedite our timeframe and optimize the development process.

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Now, it’s time get testing. Here, we gauge consumer interest and look for feedback by surveying our existing captive audiences. As we collect that feedback, we use it to iterate on our brand idea and make sure that everything is in good shape before we go to market.

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Once we’ve tested and fine-tuned our idea, we’re ready to launch. This is the part of the process where we manufacture our product, develop a content strategy, and execute marketing and partnership opportunities to expedite growth off the ground.

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We may have launched, but it’s still just the beginning. In order to scale our new brand, we need our team of talented builders to keep the momentum going. As we grow, we also engage with subject matter experts in the space and occasionally work with our existing network to source external funding.